For those who love Theater

Acting, Dancing and Singing has never been so real before


Gift ideas for actors and theater lovers. If you are looking for what to give to an actor, actress or fan of acting and dancing, the best choice is an object that evokes the environment of dance and acting. The reproductions of the theatrical proscenium (the stage with the scenography) are very elegant and with a decorative effect for furnishings. Both theaters and music boxes have the Masks of the Commedia dell'Arte as characters, Arlecchino Pulcinella Colombina and Pantalone

For theme of the dance Colombina's watch that moves the pelvis in a Belly Dance is original and nice for a dancer while the notebooks and leather covers or the box with the image of the Ball of Angels by Donatello is elegant and very fine for both ballerinas and dancers

The cheapest item is a notebook or cover made of leather for 43.00 euros. The top of the series is the Carillon Theater with the backdrops of Florence at 98.00 euros.